Youth Ministry

Crossover Student Ministries is the student ministry for ages 13-18 here at Fairview Baptist. Our aim is solid biblical teaching that leads to an intimate and life-long relationship with Jesus. 

We know that the most intense time of transformation in a persons life is from the ages of 13-18; so we have a ministry that is centered around helping both students and parents get through these difficult years together. We have a group of dedicated individuals who love and care about students passionately. From our sunday school to our Wednesday night service we hope to engage teenagers with the love of Christ by the Word in the Holy Spirit.

We have been blessed with extraordinary facilities to house Crossover Student Ministry. We have a large Youth Building that has allowed us to specifically create an atmosphere that is both welcoming and relaxed.
We would love to have your students come and grow in Christ with us.

Wednesday 6:00-7:30
Sunday School- immediately following the morning service