Growing together.

Hear from God, Love His Church, Serve His People

The Student Ministry of Fairview Baptist Church is dedicated to standing alongside parents and students as they navigate the life of middle and high schoolers. Through weekly bible study and worship, students learn from and worship the Lord. Through annual camps and mission projects, teenagers learn to serve others.

Our ministry WINS when a student takes a step towards owning their faith. 

Youth Graduation Sunday Registration - Sunday, May 5th 2024

How can I get Involved? 

Our student ministry has a variety of events and programs designed to build relationships with one another and with Jesus Christ. If this is your first time, try these things...

Sunday Mornings


Students are encouraged to worship with family and friends during our cooperate worship service. 


Following worship, student are invited to join their friends for Bible study. Two groups meet in the student building: 7th-8th grade and 9th-12th grade. 

Summers and Special Events

Throughout the year our students participate in special events just for the fun of it. Whether it be bowling, attending a sporting event, or just going to town for food. These times aim to build a bond among our students.

During the summer months, we participate in FUGE camps for one week. This camp provides our students with an opportunity to meet Christ or to grow in Christ.

This camp costs money, so if you are interested in helping us, below is our next fundraising event!

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